I just wanted to stop in and share a few ideals while they’re on my mind. Positive Affirmations.


Now, these can be a little awkward and initially it can feel like an inauthentic practice, especially for people with low self esteem as they’d practice telling themselves something they don’t initially believe. But, there’s no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone and with such a short amount of time here on Earth, we need to grow and evolve as quickly as we can in such a way that makes us able to pass this wisdom to future generations. So just look at the awkward discomfort as a part of the evolutionary process of your mind that is a part of the greater good. And I assure you, positive affirmations are definitely GOOD.


Your brain is basically a computer, constantly receiving and storing data. A child who is consistently praised and encouraged by his parents/teachers/friends is more likely to believe in him or herself than a child who gets no positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement. Duh, obviously, right? But what about the data we subconsciously store about ourselves? We fail to realize how impactful seemingly simple moments are to our mental health. For example, you’re at a bar sitting by yourself and analyzing the people there. What brought you here? What are you thinking when you look around? Do you hear a conversation about a subject you’re knowledgeable on? When this happens, do you butt in? Do you think butting in is a bad idea? Do you say to yourself, they don’t care about your opinion? Do you convince yourself not to speak because you don’t know them? What if in that simple moment, you politely introduced yourself and shared with them your wisdom on the subject? And what if, that one little conversation brings about a lifelong friendship?

Do you want to go to college but you’re convinced it would be too hard? Do you tell yourself you’re not smart enough? Do you tell yourself you don’t have the energy for that? Or the money? What if, instead, you told yourself, hey, maybe I don’t know a lot right now. But how else will I learn? What if you researched financial aid and just attempted applying? What if that resulted in you being granted aid, which resulted in you becoming more educated which resulted in an all around better quality of life for yourself and your family? It’s all a dependent variable that depends on your attitude about life.


Positive affirmations work in a way that rewires how your brain is trained to think. Your subconscious mind begins to believe the things your conscious mind may not and the outcome may be great. However, noticing when you’re feeding your mind negative information isn’t always easy and takes practice. This is where positive affirmations come in because they work in a way that doesn’t require self awareness but still rewires the brain which will inevitably lead to the self awareness with time. Everyday, try telling yourself something positive. Write down positive things you believe or want to believe and say them to yourself daily.


I am a beautiful, miraculous being in a beautiful, mysterious world. I am glad to be here.

I am intelligent. I am kind. I am living my best life as the best version of myself.

I am worthy of love and happiness and I attract these things to me.

I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I am successful.


If nothing else, giving this a try couldn’t hurt. And encourage others to do so as well. Always share the results that you’ve found worked for you. We are all created from the same stardust, floating around on the same planet in the same galaxy. We all deserve happiness and peace of mind and we all owe it to one another to share this knowledge of happiness as it comes.