There’s so many articles one can find on this topic, but I linked two just for you to get an idea. I personally have found that when I’m depressed I usually take impulse road trips which land me somewhere in nature. I’ve never known the reasoning behind this until recently when I was able to pinpoint the frame of mind I’m in right before I take these trips and what I do on them to subconsciously find fulfillment. Self awareness is the key to healing and self awareness leads to the understanding that we are very much one with nature in a world where we try to avoid it. We are the same stardust as everything else. Wouldn’t it on a biological level make sense that the depression levels rise as outdoor activity falls? Or at least that this is one contributing factor? Check out these articles and if you’ve been feeling depressed and you’re an indoor type of person, GO OUTSIDE. Even try the art of grounding, which I’ll post information on next.